About this Blog

This is mainly a technical blog. However, I’ll also write some interesting things in lifetime. Here are the categories:

  • Art I like drawing and I love beautiful pictures. I’ll share some of my experiences on art(mainly drawing) in this category.
  • Bug Archive Here I collect the bugs that I encountered in my development. I write them down hoping that you(and of course I) will not make the same mistake again.
  • Develop I’ll write some technical articles on software development in this category.
  • Emacs All editors suck, Emacs just sucks less. This category is all about Emacs.
  • Life Something about everyday life. May be or not be related to computer. :)
  • Linux Articles about Linux, Open Source and related things.
  • Lambda This category was called “Lambda”, its about the programming languages themselves. Refer to Lambda the Ultimate.
  • Ruby Everything about Ruby!

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