0.5.7 /

0.5.6 / 2008-08-07

  • Added a buffer local variable yas/dont-activate to turn off yas/minor-mode in some major modes. See Issue 29.
  • Make the environment of elisp evaluation more friendly to (current-column).
  • Fixed the regular expression bug in python-mode snippets.
  • Use filename or full key extension for snippet name if no name property is defined.

0.5.5 / 2008-05-29

  • Tweak yas/extra-mode-hooks so that it can be more easily customized.
  • Add an entry in FAQ about why TAB key doesn't work in some modes.

0.5.4 / 2008-05-15

  • Added ox-mode-hook and python-mode-hook to yas/extra-mode-hooks to fix the problem YASnippet is not enabled in those modes.

0.5.3 / 2008-05-07

  • Fix indent of python-mode snippets.
  • Fix a bug of dropdown-list: conflicts with color-theme (Issue 23). Thanks Mike.
  • Fix a bug of condition system.

0.5.2 / 2008-04-20

  • Fix a bug for comparing string to symbol using string= (which will fire an error).

0.5.1 / 2008-04-14

  • Use a beautiful css style in the document.

0.5.0 / 2008-04-10

  • Integrate with hippie-expand. Just add yas/hippie-try-expand to hippie-expand-try-functions-list.
  • If you set yas/fall-back-behavior to 'return-nil, YASnippet will return nil when it can't find a snippet to expand.
  • Defect fix: the condition of a snippet was evaluated twice in earlier version.
  • Deleting snippet (using C-w or C-k) won't cause serious problem now.
  • Several complex snippet for python-mode from Yasser included in the distribution.

0.4.5 / 2008-04-07

  • Merge the latest dropdown-list.el.
  • Add snippets for f90-mode from Li Zhu.
  • Bug fix: l-safe-expr-p: Lisp nesting exceeds max-lisp-eval-depth error when several (more than two) snippets overlaps. Thanks sunwaybupt@newsmth for reporting this bug.

0.4.4 / 2008-03-24

  • Bug fix: dropdown-list.el doesn't recognize [return] properly.

0.4.3 / 2008-03-23

  • Bug fix: failed to recognize user customized yas/trigger-key.

0.4.2 / 2008-03-22

  • Make a separate document package for release. Also make document available online.

0.4.1 / 2008-03-21

  • Make sure yas/minor-mode's key bindings always take priority to other minor modes.

0.4.0 / 2008-03-20

  • Document refinement and released with YASnippet. Most of the Online wiki document will be deprecated soon.
  • Powerful condition system added to yasnippet!
  • Incorporate dropdown-list.el and make it default way for selecting multiple candidates. Thanks to Jaeyoun Chung.
  • yas/before-expand-snippet-hook

0.3.2 / 2008-03-19

  • Enhancement: A better way to define minor-mode. Thanks to Kentaro Kuribayashi. See this thread for more details.

0.3.1 / 2008-03-17

  • Bug fix: Emacs get confused when a field is deleted. See issue 10.

0.3.0 / 2008-03-16

  • Add a yas/after-exit-snippet-hook so that you can do something like indent-region or fill-region after finish the snippet.
  • Use minor-mode instead of global-set-key to bind the trigger key. Now the trigger key and fall-back behavior can be more flexible. Not constrained to <tab>. Thanks to Trey Jackson. See this thread for more details.
  • Now user can customize the popup function for selecting multiple candidate for the same snippet key.
  • Support dropdown-list.el to be a better way to select multiple candidate when in text mode.

0.2.3 / 2008-03-15

  • Bug in non-window (-nw) mode when there's multiple candidate to expand. See issue 7.
  • Allow expanding another snippet as long as not currently inside a field.

0.2.2 / 2008-03-13

  • Added customized face for fields and mirrors. Better in dark background. And users can customize it.

0.2.1 / 2008-03-10

  • Fix the insert-behind problem under both Emacs 22 and Emacs 23.

0.2.0 / 2008-03-10

  • Use big keymap overlay to detect insert-behind event manually to avoid sometimes missed hook calls. See issue 3 for more details.
  • Support parent snippet table. Now you can set (for example) cc-mode as common mode for c++-mode, c-mode and java-mode. They'll share snippets defined for cc-mode.

0.1.1 / 2008-03-08

  • Add a rake task to upload to google code.
  • Use elisp compile-bundle function instead of python scrip

0.1.0 / 2008-03-07

  • Embedded elisp support.
  • Fields navigation support.
  • Mirror of fields support.
  • Menu-bar support.
  • Multiple snippets with same name support.
  • Popup menu for multiple snippet with same name support.
  • Transformation of fields support.
  • Load directory support.
  • Compile bundle support.