The weekly status report of Schemepy: final evaluation approaching

July 31, 2008 – 7:19 pm

Another week quickly passed, I was working hard on the macro system for skime last week. It is a little tough, but now I finally managed to finish it. I wrote a summary[Chinese] on the implementation of the hygienic macro system of skime.

skime should be a fairly feature-complete pure-Python Scheme fallback for Schemepy after that. I’ve moved the source to the Schemepy repository. And now the backend wrapper (yes, pure-Python fallback still need backend wrapper) is also finished and most of the existing test cases have passed on that.

Besides, the mzscheme community released version 4.x of mzscheme not long ago, which breaks the mzscheme backend. I found that many Linux distributions have upgraded to the new version. So I think the new version should also be supported. However, I’m getting strange errors on embedding the new mzscheme — even with the example code given in the document. I’m still asking for help in the mailing list.

In the end, the final evaluation if GSoC 2008 is approaching, not all goals in the proposals can be achieved. But I think at least the following goals should be finished:

  1. Working backend of guile, mzscheme and skime on Linux, Windows (and Mac, if I can find way to test it).
  2. Profiles for R5RS and TPCL.
  3. porting tp-server and tp-client from pyscheme to schemepy.
  4. An official release.

However, I’ll continue to work on this project even after the GSoC coding period, though not being able to work at this phase.

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