Schemepy weekly status report

July 14, 2008 – 12:27 am

I was away for several weeks during my final exams. But now I’m in my summer holiday. It seems not having classes is making the everyday life a little boring — you do the same thing every day, you even forget the day of the week. Yes, I don’t know what’s the N in N-th week in Schemepy now, so I changed the title. ;)

We’re during the Google mid-term evaluation these days. I designed several logo candidates for Schemepy the other day and wrote a brief summary for the work done so far. All students of Thousand Parsec are required to write this summary. I guess all those summaries be available publicly later. So I decide to put aside the task of porting tp-client/tp-server work until I see other students summary, from which I may understand more of the whole thing.

So the time is mostly spent on the skime project. Many progress are made recently. Now the whole skeleton has been built and some simple Scheme code (like calculating a Fibonacci Number recursively) can already run in skime. If everything goes well, I hope it can fulfill the task of replacing pyscheme as the fallback of Schemepy in the near future. :)

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