7th week of Schemepy

June 14, 2008 – 8:43 pm

There’s not too much done in this week. Basically, I looked a bit at the tpserver-py and tried to run it in my local box. If I can successfully run it and test the features, then I can go ahead to port it from pyscheme to Schemepy. In the best case, there should be some regression test cases so that I can simply run the test cases before and after porting to guarantee I don’t broke something. Unfortunately, it seems that I need to test the functionality manually.

On the other hand, my final exams are approaching. Generally, I’ll need to spend time to review the text books to prepare for the exams. And I’ll also spend time to finish various course projects. That’s why less time is spent on Schemepy this week (and in the following two to three weeks).

I also spent some time to review the initial proposal and the current status. Generally speaking, I’ve under-estimated the efforts needed to implement a backend. Originally, I thought, once I’ve learned how to write a backend for Guile, I can easily write one for mzscheme, Chicken, Bigloo, etc. once per week. That’s definitely not the case.

Every scheme implementation has its own way of doing things. For example, although I spent only about 1 day to port the mzscheme backend from CGC memory model to 3m memory model, it took me 3~4 days to getting started with it. Furthermore, some implementations are just not meant to be embedded.

According to the proposal, the following tasks should have been dong:

  • guile backend
  • pyscheme backend
  • PyPy Scheme backend
  • benchmarking
  • improve pyscheme
  • mzscheme backend

Except the two tasks related to pyscheme and PyPy Scheme, we’re almost on the original schedule. But I think it won’t be so lucky with the coming several weeks. I would implement backends for various Scheme implementations like Chicken and Bigloo. And thouse are considered easy tasks because I also scheduled time for my final exam during this period. So I think re-consideration is really needed for the following weeks.

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