5th week of Schemepy: the mzscheme backend

May 31, 2008 – 10:33 am

I was all doing the mzscheme backend the last week. I had complained much about the interface before. However, after that, (at least I think) I have figured out how to do various things to finish the backend by reading the document, reading the source code and guessing.

For example, the namespace mechanism is mentioned very vaguely in the Inside PLT MzScheme. Firstly, I guess I can use module to do the namespace. But it doesn’t work. Then I discovered there’s a make_namespace procedure, though not documented, I guess is what I was finding. But I still get some strange errors (related to some #%-prefixed modules). I’m not sure how the namespace should be used. And I’m also having some segment faults.

So that’s the current situation. I have a mzscheme backend, but it doesn’t work as well as I expected. I didn’t find the IRC channel of mzscheme. I think I should started to ask questions in the mailing list for helps. While the email might not be replied immediately, I’ll also contact Jakub about the possibility of using PyPy scheme as a backend of Schemepy, as well as looking at porting the TPCL related code.

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  2. Happy kids’ day :-P

    By quark on Jun 1, 2008

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