Big surprises of the day: gift from Google, Rubinius, etc.

May 17, 2008 – 2:08 am

We were having massive earthquake the last several days in China. Though Hangzhou is almost not affected, there were many people died in Sichuan province and the number of death is still growing. I’m very sorry about that. But I can’t do more besides denoting some money and blessing. My hometown, Guizhou, is just near to Sichuan. My mother was willing to be a volunteer to help the suffering people. I talked much to her to prevent her from going. Maybe I’m selfish, but it’s still really very dangerous there. And I’m holding the point that while many people died, those living people should treasure their lives; every people has his own value in the world. I’m trying to work hard, for me, and for those people who should have lived longer. I really hate death! :(

So this is still a good day. First of all, I just received the surprise book from Google as the start of Program Gift. But we were asked not to reveal the book name until every GSoCer has received the book. I’ll follow this rule. If some GSoCer know the book name before he gets his one, it won’t be such a big surprise for him. However, what I do want to say now is that I love this book very much! I’d thank Google very much!

The other surprise is that my patch to rubinius was finally accepted. That means I’m eligible to get the commit bit which allow me to start committing directly. I heard open source everywhere, but rubinius is the first project that I ever heard to give direct commit right to everyone who submitted one valid patch. Evan has explained this very open (and special) strategy in the MountainWest RubyConf 2008 that Rubinius selected. And it seems to be very successful! Besides that, Rubinius is itself a very interesting and promising project.

I waited until people in the Pacific Standard Time wake up and then asked evan in the IRC channel to add my ssh key (I’m lucky that my ssh key is not generated in Debian) to give me the commit bit. He’s very kind to make it happen very quickly. And brixen also added me as the rubyspec committer (rubyspec now is an independent project from Rubinius).

There are plenty of other things happened today:

  • I wrote the 3rd weekly status report for Schemepy and was glad to see some real progress in this project.
  • I attended the final defense of my SRTP project. Though not the same as what I expected when I proposal such a project, I am some what pleased at the result.
  • I discussed with eshock about the practice project (namely MSTC Challenge Platform II) and made some stuffs more clear. I wrote the prototype several months ago (? I can’t remember correctly). While I don’t have enough time to devote too much time to it, I’m very glad that eshock like it and is working hard on it.
  • As the days get hotter, it seems that the school finally decide not to cut the electricity in the night.
  • zhouyuan expressed the interest in functional programming and concurrency programming. And he is willing to organize a special interest group for the related stuffs on the platform of POM. Definitely I will join if such a group was started in MSTC.
  • shifan has just confirmed that the condition of his grandmother has become better. His hometown is Sichuan — the most suffered area of this earthquake. We MSTCers will come together for the template Inside the L Object Model technical salon (which I’ll introduce afterwards) tomorrow. I don’t know how to comfort people, but I hope shifan will be OK.

So much for this. I should have been asleep two hours ago. Tomorrow will be another busy day.

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