Ruby on Crack: yet another web framework

April 2, 2008 – 10:48 am

:D 愚人节里各个社区里的气氛都活跃了许多,在 Ruby-talk 的邮件列表里发现了 N 个 Ruby fork 要发布了,还有用 PHP 写的 Ruby 。其他社区也很活跃,Java 似乎是今年的一个主角:各种各样的项目都要迁移到 Java 了。 :D

不过令我敬佩的是虽然只是愚人节的玩笑,许多人都很细心地去做,比如前面的这个叫做 Brobinius 的 Ruby fork 还专门做了一个网站。还有 Antonio Cangiano 的 Ruby on Crack ,他最后一段描述的不同的人对 Ruby on Crack 的反馈:

“Those who use Crack can really appreciate the beauty of Ruby.” — Matz

“Fuck You” — DHH

“Incredible framework. I plan to publish a book about it ASAP, and I’m sure that it’ll be the first in a long series of books that I’ll write while using Crack.” — Dave Thomas

“Crack is what we really needed at Engine Yard.” — Ezra Zygmuntowicz

“Wow, what an eye opener. Crack made web programming fun again.” — Obie Fernandez

“You ass#$!@ m0#@#!@&%$” — Zed Shaw

“Once you have tried Crack for the first time, you realize how addictive it is. I simply can’t go back to Rails anymore.” — April Pesce

“Web 3.0 will belong to those on Crack.” — Tim O’Reilly

“If there is something that the Ruby community got right it’s Crack. I wish Python programmers were on Crack too!” — Guido van Rossum

“This is truly innovative and a godsend for startups. Give us about 6 years and we’ll have Arc on Crack too.”- Paul Graham

也是写得相当生动啊! :D

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  2. 今年的气氛是相当的活跃(不仅限于ruby社区呢)。railsenvy.com说要改为javaenvy.com了,哈哈。Gmail推出了Custom Time。好玩。

    By ashchan on Apr 2, 2008

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