smart-snippet.el update: properly undoing in a snippet

November 28, 2007 – 4:07 pm

A user of smart-snippet reported a bug to me today. The behavior of undoing in a snippet is confusing. In fact I’ve noticed this bug a long time ago, even before I write smart-snippet.el — it’s a bug if snippet.el . But I never try to fix it, I thought it might be impossible or at least difficult to fix.

However, when I open my mailbox and receive a new mail asking for help of this bug. I suddenly feel that I should fix it, or at least try to. Then I sit down and open my Emacs. Only after a few minutes, the confusing behavior is gone! It’s very simple!

That’s it, you know, sometimes it’s not that we can’t solve the problem, it’s just that we are too lazy to even try to solve it. So never doubt about yourself. Make a decision. You can do it!

And the last point: It’s really happy to see many people using and enjoying your software! :)

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  2. Thank you for this great little helper! :-) Please keep your good work going.

    By Manfred on Jan 19, 2008

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