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Schemepy status: Guile and Python inter-callable

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

It’s the 2nd week of Schemepy. I’m glad to say that I have a roughly finished guile back-end now. All existing (including some newly added ones) passed without any problem. However, I’ve also make some non-trivial interface changes:

  • toscheme is an instance method instead of a static method of VM now.
  • fromscheme and type is instance methods of VM instead of SCM now.

Those changes (as long as some other interface change, like a Symbol class for Scheme symbols) make it impossible to run mithro’s oldguile back-end unless some non-trivial patches applied.

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Google Reader 终于增加 note 的功能了

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Google Reader noteGoogle Reader 可以 share 自己觉得有趣的文章,然而却无法指明自己为什么觉得有趣,今天打开 Google Reader ,发现左边侧栏有了一个 Note 的菜单。里面列出了自己的 notes ,还有一个 note button ,使用这个 note button 可以在任何地方把看到的有趣的文章 share 到 Google Reader 并添加自己的评注了,这也是一直期待的功能,因为有时候许多文章并不是在 Google Reader 里看到的,有些文章甚至没有 RSS Feed ,不方便用 Google Reader 进行订阅。

而 Reader 的文章内容的工具条那里除了原来简单的“Share”按钮,也多出来了一个“Share with note”按钮:

Google Reader Note

Wonderful! :) 我想应该好好学习 Google 如何了解用户的需求的了,而且他们自己的工程师们也肯定每天都在用自己的产品吧!

ps: 为 Blog 增加了验证码的功能,终于可以摆脱垃圾评论了。 :D


Friday, May 2nd, 2008

其实连流水帐也算不上,因为根本没有什么连续性,其实生活本是如此嘛,杂乱无章,如果是一成不变,那就不叫生活了。而且这样的跳跃性似乎更适合我的思维。最近也发生了不少事情,姑且罗列一些吧。本来不是很喜欢在 Blog 上写这类的东西,但是似乎是有些压抑了,再加上受到动漫游戏里虚拟世界的那些美好生活的刺激吧,也想找个“人”倾诉(或者唠叨)一下。 :p

Google Summer of Code

前段时间一直在忙的 GSoC 申请也算告一段落了。大三也快结束了,同学们都开始找事情做了吧,特别是暑期的实习,好像 Google 、微软的都有宣讲会面试之类的,我想如果做 GSoC 的话就不会有时间做实习了,而 GSoC 本身其实也是实习性质的,这样就不用再去关心那些实习的事情了。但其实也算是一个借口吧,我还是太懒了,麻烦的事情我都不想去管,能逃避的就逃避了。

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First week of Schemepy

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ll work on Schemepy in this summer. Though the official begin coding time of GSoC is May 26, I’ve already do some initial research on this the last summer. I’ll try to keep a weekly progress report in my blog.

There were already two backend for Schemepy: guile and pyscheme. I haven’t looked much at pyscheme yet, and it seems that backend isn’t ported to the Schemepy interface yet. I took a look at the guile backend implementation by mithro, discussed with him the interface of Schemepy. I found I was trying to get the final interface designed before start writing the code, which proved to be a bad idea. One won’t be able to find some problems until he gets down to coding. That’s why I get a awkward design of the type mapping from Scheme cons pair to a Python value first.

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